Pledge of PPC member

Having been baptized and received the Mission of Christ, I come forward to exercise this mission in my parish as a member of the Parish Pastoral Council.

In this Mission, I will attempt to involve, and seek collaboration of, the members of the Zone I represent, to carry on the ministry of Christ and, thus, I will strive to build a communion among the zone members as well as a communion of all the faithful in my parish.

First and foremost, I will make Jesus Christ the Centre of my life, of my family and of my zone. I will always abide by His teachings.

I promise that I will take along with me all the members into confidence and discharge my responsibilities and duties in conformity with the doctrine of the Church and the guidance given by the Pastors of the Church.

I will hold Jesus, the Good Shepherd, as my model, and with His strength and light, I will attempt to function as a worthy member of this Parish Pastoral Council. Amen.