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As May draws to a close, students are filled with excitement and a bit of anxiety. Excitement at the commencement of a brand new academic year and anxiety over all the challenges that lie before them. School life is a vital part of one’s childhood. It provides opportunities for study and discipline. In school, a child learns to interact with others. Their minds are filled with youthful dreams that will bear fruit as they grow in age.

In order to have a successful school year, students need to bear in mind a few tips that will make their academic year productive and full of fun.

  1. Get organized. Buy books, stationery, uniforms, footwear, etc. well in advance to avoid last minute panic and unnecessary stress.
  2. Develop an effective study plan. The reason students fear exams is because they do not practice regular study habits. Set aside a designated time each day to revise and learn what has been taught. Set goals and work towards achieving them.
  3. Think positively. Fear is a very negative emotion. Think positively, work hard and believe that you CAN and WILL overcome all obstacles.
  4. Seek help from your peers. Your friends understand that you find certain concepts hard. They think like you do and hence, are better equipped to help you to understand a certain topic or chapter that you may be finding tough.
  5. Read actively. Reading a good book stimulates your mind and reduces stress. Reading improves focus and concentration. It enhances your memory and improves your vocabulary. An avid reader has better writing skills. A good book helps to create inner peace and tranquility.
  6. Make time for outdoor sports and activities. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So ensure that you set aside some time every day for outdoor fun activities which will keep you healthy and fit.
  7. Avoid spending too much time on the internet. It is almost impossible for today’s teens to do anything without depending on the internet. However, internet addiction is leading kids towards anxiety and depression. Because of time spent on social media, students are unable to keep up with their academic schedules. It also leads to sleep deprivation, dishonesty and lying. Parents too should avoid being in a hurry to provide young children with smart phones.
  8. Believe in the power of prayer. Last but not the least, make God your Guru. Let Him tell you what to do. Prayer is one of the most important things a Christian can do. It is communicating with God by your side. You are never alone and you have nothing to fear, so find time to pray and talk to God daily.

So, dear students, as you begin this new year, dream big, remain positive and remember that the new academic year is a fresh, new opportunity to start over, because the future belongs to those who dare to dream.

– Mrs. Nicola Collaco

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