Nustem dhorunk xikat

Oxi ek Inglez bhaxen mhonn’nni asa, ‘Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you will feed him for a lifetime.’ Oso somoz asa ki hi mhonn’nni Confucius nanvachea eka Chinese vidvavan nirnamm keloli mhonn. Confucius 551 BC te 479 BC hea kalla modem jielo. Hi mhonn’nni uprant zaiteam boroinnaramnim ani vidvanamnim apnnaili ani vapurli.

Hie mhonn’nniecho khoro orth kitem to ollkun gheunk chodd avgodd nam. Eka monxeak tor ek nustem dilem zalear tachi eka disachi bhuk mortoli. Dusrea disa to porot bhuketolo. Punn eka monxeak tor nustem dhorunk xikoilo zalear dor disa apleak bhuk lagta titlei pavttim to nustem goroitolo ani aplem pott bhortolo. To svayampurnn (self-sufficient) zatolo. Hi mhonn’nni zoxi adlea kallak lagtali toxich ti aichea-i kallak lagu zata, ani fuddarak-ui lagtoli.

Niall korun pollet zalear, ami lhan asle te vhodd zata mhonnosor amchim avoi-bapui amchea soglleam gorzamchi vevosta korta. Amkam jevonn dita, kopdde dita, amkam asro dita, amchi bolaiki sambhalltta, ani hio sogllio gorzo  dita tednam tim amkam aitem ‘nustem’ di’it asta. Ami tem khoxen khiat asta. Punn heam soglleam gorzam borobor tim amkam anik ek mhotvachi vost dita, ani ti mhonnlear xikxonn. Xikxonn dita astanam tim amkam ‘nustem dhorunk’ xikoita, vo gorounk xikoita. Hacho mukhell hetu mhonnlear, amchea jivitachea khoinchea tori panvddear amkam nustem dhorunk xikxench poddtta, kiteak amchim avoi-bapui zoxim matarim zatat, tednam nustem dhorun amkam khaunk diupachi tanchi xokti komi zait veta, ani kall bodolta toso, tem patr-ui bodolta, ani tim amcher adarit zata. Atam ‘nustem dhorpachem’ karya amchem, tornatteamchea khandar poddtta.

Tiech mhonn’nniecho veglle toren niall kelo zalear, hem nustem dhorpachem kam’ – hacho orth oso zata, ki ami amcho career ghoddun haddunk khottpott kortanv. Amchim avoi ani bapui amchea boxent jevonn ghalpak kitlo khottpott kortat tem ami polloita ani hollou zannun ghetanv. Amchea xikxonnan ami fuddem veta mhonnosor-ui ami svotontr (independent) zaunk zai mhonn amkam zannouta.

Tor hi, ‘nustem dhorpachi’ provinnoy (skill) ji zai poddtta ti tornatteamnim gombhirtayen ollkun gheupachi goroz asta. Apleam pãyancher ubim ravonk xikon gheunk ho tornatteamcho mukhell hetu zaupachi goroz zata.

Durdoivan, asa kaim ghorabe, tanche lagim zaitem asa. Jivit bhor tanchim avoi-bapui tankam zai ani naka tem dita, punn aplea bhurgeank aplea svotachea pãyancher matr ubhim ravunk xikounk visorta. Kaim avoi-bapui asat, tanche lagim zaitem asa, punn tim sompeponnim aplea bhurgeank hat ugtte korun dinant. Goroz asa tench tankam dita. Oxem korun tim tankam koxtt korun svotontr zaupechem lisanv bore toren xikoita. Koxttantlean konn voir sorta to khorench khuxi asta.

Aichea tornatteamnim ani tanchea avoi-bapainim hem monant dhorpachi goroz asa, ki sonvsarant jieupak sompem nam. Dor eka panvddear avgoddio yetach. Tio avgoddio koxio par korpachio, tanchi budh’dh tornatteank diunk zai. Bhurgeamnim ani chodd korun tornatteamnim pasun hem ollkun gheupachi chodd goroz, kiteak aiz na faleam tannim fuddaracho bhar aplea khandar gheunkuch zai, ani fuddli vatt tankunk zai. Aiz funkott nustem melltta mhonn faleam-i mellttolem mhonn chintinakat. Nustem dhorunk xikat, fuddar surokxit korat.

– Willy Goes

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