Parish Priest Welcomes You

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website for the parish of Immaculate Conception Church. Whether you are a new-comer to our area in search of a parish home, a member of the parish family or your life of faith has drawn you to seek this information. It is my conviction that God has a plan for you to become involved in the worship and ministries of the church.

Our parish has been in existence since 1541 and is located in the heart of Panjim has served and continues to embrace the diverse generations of Catholics.

In prayer, worship and service, we gather in His Name, relying on His promise to be in our midst. Founded firmly in the faith and truth of the Catholic Church, we are proud of the legacy of our ancestors and are hopeful for our future.  Without the Lord’s grace there is no other purpose for our existence.

I invite you to review our website in its infancy and encourage you to contact us if you have questions about our parish or its ministries. If you are a parish member, there is a wealth of information for you to use and to offer your many talents in service to your parish.

May God be with you and those you love as you live your journey of faith!

From parish priest desk

From the Parish Priest's Desk

With grateful heart to God, I am glad to let you know that the new Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) was officially and formally installed at Mass presided over by the Dean, Fr. Carlisto Coelho, on 25 June, 2019.

During the Eucharistic celebration, the elected representatives first made the profession of faith, followed by the pledge administered by the Parish Priest. Subsequently, members met in the hall and elected by secret ballot the Executive Committee (ExCo).

During the entire process of the reconstitution of the new PPC, I must confess that we were guided by the Holy Spirit. The parishioners, on the whole, rendered wholehearted collaboration on all sides to see that the new PPC was in place. And this indeed happened, thanks to God.

I personally rejoice to see that the efforts of all yielded positive results. Praised be God!

I express my gratitude to Antonio H. Carvalho, the immediate past moderator and his team for managing so efficiently the parish activities that brought together the parishioners and making of them into a parish family. The elected members representing 21 zones and the ex-officio members, under the guidance of the former parish priest, Fr. Cleto Pereira, saw to the formation and spiritual growth of all the parishioners. I too, as parish priest, during the last year of the tenure of the past PPC, was privileged to work with the office-bearers and the members whose cooperation enabled me to take care of the parish affairs. To all of them, I say ‘a big Thank You!’

The parish pastoral council is God’s gift to our parish. Through this PPC and other allied bodies like CAT/PAT, I expect every possible help from every corner of the parish to achieve the much desired goal of transforming our parish into a communion parishioners into one heart and one mind, the way the early Christians lived.

I wish showers of God’s blessings on all PPC members, and in particular, on the new Executive Committee headed by the moderator, Runa Tavora Aggarwal and her team. May they be enlightened and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the light, the salt and the leaven in order to transform our parish into a community of faith, hope and love.

May the good Lord bless all our endeavours through the intercession of our patroness, Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.

Fr. Walter de Sa

Parish Priest

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